The Pinball Wizard

Dating in NYC. #ThePinballWizard

I went on a date with the number 1 pinball player in the world tonight. It started off by him clarifying that he is the number 1 GAY pinball player in the world...that he knows of...He is a nomad which is rad because I travel a lot too. But he is based in NYC and therefore doesn’t have a home here. I asked him what his uniform is and if pinball players wear a uniform. He then asked me to get him a large water with no ice and no straw. I came back and he told me he hints at a uniform. I asked him to clarify and he said he wears a Ru Paul’s Drag Race shirt and puts his hair in pigtails to intimidate the cis white men. We started to play and I asked a question and he said he doesn’t like it when people talk during “matches” because it would be like someone going up to MIchael Jordan during a basketball game and talking to him. DULY NOTED. There were 2 machines at the bar.  Game of Thrones and Ghostbusters. We played both.  Then we sat on an incredibly uncomfortable wooden bench and he told me a story about how he was offered a raise and turned it down and that’s the type of guy he is. I yawned and he sipped his water with no straw or ice and we left. I walked to the train and asked what train he was going to and he said oh no I’m going to play more pinball. I’m home now drinking water with no ice and no straw. The end.