Ghosting yet ORBITING

We have all heard of ghosting. In fact I got ghosted on New Years Day when I wanted to go ice skating with I guy I met on #bumble then he disappeared. The last speed dating event I went to I met a Chemist who was DREAMY AF. We matched and I emailed him. I then emailed him a second time. He finally responded with "Hey been super busy let's connect this weekend." A few days later I say "Hey want to meet up?"

He didn't respond. Shocker.

I then saw his ass at a house party and called him out in front of everyone for ghosting me. That was that. I left the party and noticed he started following me on social media. I emailed him AGAIN saying hahaha so funny running into you at the party let's hang soon. NO RESPONSE. However, he is liking all of my posts. THIS IS CALLED ORBITING. When you ghost someone in real life yet follow and engage on social media.

#Himean I love a double tap but like gurl BYE.

What are your thoughts on #orbiting?