Updated: Sep 14, 2019

I have been spending the last two months editing a video that I created for the Tourism Boards of Phoenix and Scottsdale. At times I was stuck- had no creative flow- and then it hit me. What was the overall message of these two cities? INCLUSION. Wherever I ventured in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area I felt included. The restaurant managers opened up their doors and hearts to me, the drag queens supported each other like family, the natives and I shared coffee (let's be real #COCKTAILS) and we laughed looking into the breathtaking desert. The Sunsets were stunning and the city was ALIVE.

Each city I visit, whether domestic or international, there is a theme. A common Threshold. Something that is relatable from the farm in Mesa to the waves in San Sebastian to the desert in Turkey. That common theme is PRIDE. Not necessarily gay pride, but pride. Let me explain. Pride in your home town for rallying to get a stop light put in by the school so there will be no more accidents, pride in your community for standing up for trans rights using the bathroom they identify with, pride in your local cafe' that makes the 87 year old lady smile when she takes a sip of the chamomile tea every day at 7 am. My first question in each city is always WHY? Why do you love this town? Why do you feel included? Why is this a destination that people must visit? Why are you prideful for your town. Why must I be here?

I posted my Gay Travel Phoenix & Scottsdale video last week and have received so much love from people all over the World. However I got a comment last night that REALLY bothered me. I hid it from my timeline on Facebook, but now feel it is super important to keep. In 2017 in 'Merica - the land of Freedom there is so much HATE. HATE from Administration- HATE towards Administration. HATE towards Muslims. HATE of self. HATE of women. HATE towards the gays. HATE.

This man whose name is now blurred out feels a certain way about 'gays.' It is so sad that people still feel this way. This man thinks that being GAY is being a "pervert" and it is a "sick lifestyle". I get that being a YouTuber and super out on the Internet I will have people disagree with me, think I suck, and talk maddddd shit on me. BRING IT ON! I love debating and I am totally game for it. My skin is thick as F*CK and I am 33 so this comment in the grand scheme will not impact ME. This isn't about ME. It is about the Fourteen year old in Eighth Grade that gets tormented and bullied about being gay then goes home and commits suicide.

This. Shit. Happens. Words. Matter.

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