Updated: Sep 14, 2019


I got high and bought a hooker...

This city was EVERYTHING! Non.Stop.Shit.Show!

No mattter what your favor flave is- there is something for you!

I happened to get high and buy a hooker on King's Day the most wild party I have ever been to (besides the Black Party in NYC).

The food in the city was spectacular especially for vegetarians. I went to two different farm to table restaurants and 2 speakeasies that I HIGHLY recommend.

De Kas- farm to table restaurant. There is a green house outside that is STUNNING! Four course dinner and prepared LAVISHLY.

Wilde Zwijen- local farm to table restaurant. Authentic Dutch restaurant with a local flair. There is an open kitchen and it is a kick ass date spot.

HPS (Hiding in Plain Sight)- Swanky speakeasy with a different theme each night- NY times said top 50 bars in world.

Tales and Spirits- a little more pretentious than one would like but the drinks are incredible.

Sites to See

Anne Frank House- JUST THE TIP: buy tickets ahead of time we waited 2 hours in the rain.

Van Gogh Museum - I am obsessed with Van Gogh and this museum was the most EPIC of his work.

Supper Club - A wild show where you sit on beds and have a lavish 4 course dinner.

Coffee Shop

BARNEY'S #JustTheTip DON'T eat a whole brownie...I got turnt up and was a hot ass mess! I did however get the idea to interview a hooker in the red light district while under the influence...

Gay Bars...

TABOO- Start the night off at Taboo. It is super cute and intimate and a great place to start the night off.

SOHO - Dance yo' face off club! It was a mixed crowd that was leaning towards the younger side.

EAGLE - Bear bar with a dark room downstairs

DIRTY DICKS - Exactly like it sounds. Just.Naked.Men.Everywhere...

PRIK - Hip club, great music, non pretentious vibe with all types of guys.

CHURCH - Fetish bar with a different theme every night. It is more of a Kinky dance club. CAFE 'T MANDJE - One of the oldest gay bars in the world. Daddy bar.

CLUB NYX - Dance club full of twinks and otters in their 20s and 30s.