Updated: Sep 14, 2019

AIRLINE: I flew on #NorwegianAirlines. A quick money saving trick I found– click low fare options and switch the currency from USD to EUROS. You’ll get a super cheap flight. (roundtrip was $450 US dollars)…#LAVISH

HOUSING: I stayed in #MisterBnB and I highly recommend!

It was super affordable and I met a local Berliner named Daniel who gave me great history of the city. Daniel also pointed me in the direction of sites that hit home to him along with the best gay friendly cafes, bars, and restaurants.


We headed to see drag superstar #JurassicaParka at an upbeat bar called #Rauschgold. It is a divey gem in #Kreuzberg Berlin. Lights covered this bar and it felt super homey which I LOVED. Very mixed crowd but no dark rooms.

Next stop was #Prinzknecht, which was cute and divey, but the server we had was a little C U Next Tuesday. He knew I was a tourist and assumed I wouldn’t tip him correctly. I DIDN’T know the rule that you tip once you pay (instead of paying the bill then leaving cash as a tip when you leave).

He said “Sweety in Berlin you tip 10 %” and walked away. I ran up to him and said “Sweety if you weren’t so nasty I would have given you 20%..I didn’t know the rules!” DON’T COME FOR ME IN GERMANY!

I went downstairs and there were CAGES EVERYWHERE...

So THAT happened...

Next stop #WOOF and there were roughly 7 Bears inside. It also smelled like dog food mixed with hot sweaty armpit… so I moved on. But if that is your scene- get into it! Just show up later than 10pm

We ventured over to #TOM’S. I LOVED TOM’S [except when I was peeing and a guy shouted out in the bathroom how he wanted to drink my piss]…OH MY GOD TOTO I AM #SOY NOT IN KANSAS ANYMORE…These Berliner boys were not playing and wanted a piece of RAVI…

The final stop was the amazing bar #HAFEN. I was obsessed with this place. It was chill, laid back, no dark room, and gorgeous guys!

The next day I remembered EVERYONE said I must go to #More for brunch. Check out my #Tastemade Rave of this hot gay brunch HERE. More is the place to see and be seen. Both tourists and locals LIVE for MORE!

I had a few sensible mimosas before making the trek to the nightclub #Berghain (which is opened from Thursday night until Sunday night). As you can see below it looks kindof like a jail...

I was there on a Saturday at 11:30am-YES-AM- and it was HOPPING! I had had to check my selfie stick and my phone at the door. Anything goes at Berghain...I'll leave it at that.

Overall it was an AMAZING 48 Hours

Check out my Video of BERLIN Below

Ravi's Raves

*Restaurants & Cafes* Amici Amici More Cafe Kalwil Cafe Berio

*Gay Bars*








Checkpoint Charlie Museum

Jewish Museum

Märkisches Museum

Brandenberg gate

Holocaust memorial

LGBT Memorial

Tiergarten Park

Boyz R Us

East Side Gallery

Eh...don't NEED to do it

Reichtag Dome *Cute from outside but not worth touring the dome at the top.

Kadewe *Swanky shopping but I can do that in NYC.